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Updated DECEMBER 4 2022

The 2001 section of cosplays has been completed!

what is this?

this is an archive of 80s to late 200s anime or "otaku" culture! the goal of my site is to collect and archive much anime related content as possible from the 90s to 2000s. this includes cosplays, commercials, figures, dakimakuras, cups, mousepads, telephone cards, bags, shirts, keyboards, convention videos, lunchboxes, dvds, vhs tapes, calendars, shitajikis, pins and more!i have also documented some notable lore in otaku history underneath the "history" tab!

what does otaku mean?

an otaku is someone who avidly enjoys a particular interest, especially in the fields of anime and manga. a common misconception is that otaku=weaboo when that actually isn't the case! a weaboo is actually someone obsessed with Japanese culture to the point of fetishization, while "otaku" have a preoccupation with pop culture.